What is a Private Membership Association?

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A Private Membership Association (PMA) is the marriage of the protected right to assemble/associate and the protected right to private contract. A properly formed PMA operates privately, and hence in a different jurisdiction than the public.

Think back to your childhood... did you have a Tree House or a Club? "No Girls Allowed" was a common rule for boys. It was "My Tree House, my rules"... No one came and told you what you could do in your Tree House or club... you set the rules. A properly formed PMA is like the business world's version of a simple Tree House... AND it's protected by 150+ years of LEGAL PRECEDENT and enumerated rights in the US Constitution, Declaration of Independence and more... that you might not have even known about until now.  We call this a Game Changer that's time has come!

We provide you with the legal documentation, trainings, courses and community
to re-organize your status!

PMAs are one of the most powerful Great Awakening Transition tools we have to re-organize people through their businesses and organizations to taking their power back... it's a tool that's 'time has come' and we are so so excited to be a part of bringing PMA's forward for the Betterment of Humanity!

Deb Pietsch

Deb Pietsch

Founder of WTP PMA Power

Of all the tools I've encountered in teaching people about defending their rights, none compare to Private Member Associations. The protections enumerated in the founding docs of the United States combined with 150+ years of legal precedent make PMA's "normal" and robust. 

Scott Bartle

Scott Bartle

Founder of WTP PMA Power

When Tyranny of the Government Becomes Conspiracy Fact...

We The People Have The Obligation to Take Back Our Power!

Private Membership Associations (PMAs) 

Give you the Power to STOP Being at the beckon call of

Over-Reaching Government!!


Learn How and Why We Think PMA's are one of THE most powerful tools we have through this Great Awakening Transition!

Are you a business owner of a: Restaurant, Gym, Nail or Hair Salon, Retail Store, Lightworker, Massage Therapist, Energy Healer, Spiritual Practitioner, Life Coach or a Faith Based Church or Spiritual Teacher?

Have you felt the pain financially, emotionally, spiritual and even physically from the overreach of government especially since March 2020?

Are you tired of giving your authority and power to government that continuously display double standards; “what is right for you is not for thee”?

Are you tired of over-reaching government and double standards for you vs. other big companies, “box companies” ?

Do you see the "writing on the wall" of it getting harder not easier to expand your financial prosperity?

Are you ready to shift the power and authority of decision making back to YOU? 

Are you ready to legally and immediately take back your power and become empowered to make your own decisions as to what is BEST for you, your business, your employees and your customers?

What if… there was a way for you to legally do that and it’s so financially viable, that it’s a no brainer?

The answer to your prayers has literally been waiting for you to find your way here!

This shift in business is something that the elite and the “in the know” organizations have been doing legally and in secret for almost 200 years in the United States and longer in other countries.

And what Scott and I are so so excited about, after so many years of being committed to "Transcend The Matrix" (our spiritual teachings site), is that this PMA shift has 150+ years of LEGAL PRECEDENCE in the U.S.!!!  It's an iron clad option!

This is a huge part of the Great Awakening Transition - we are referring to this PMA opportunity as part of a "Suite of Solutions" for those that are ready to step in to their power and become empowered.

We look forward to engaging with you!! Exciting times along with disheartening... We Are In This Together and We Can Do This! 👍💜💰🎯🦋

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Updates Friday, Oct. 8th 2021

  1. We have had to put this new business aside for about 3 weeks unexpectedly as we focused on another business with awesome but time sensitive matters. We back in the saddle here!
  2. We've added a Free 20-30 minute phone consultation before choosing which PMA. There will be an Intake Form for that this week
  3. Level 2 will be called "PMA Tree House Club" 
  4. For our Affiliate Partners ~ Design Elements & Marketing material are forthcoming - I'm working with 2 graphic designers to get things done by Monday, Oct. 11th
  5. We're editing the webinars we've done into shorter subject related videos for easier searching
  6. Scott changed the online chat we're using and works GREAT! We are responding to those communications (almost) immediately.

Thank you for your patience as we  build this community, courses and trainings! BUT you can get started right now with your own PMA and / or Affiliate Partnership!

Your Action Steps to Get Educated and Begin Engagement ~ either for your own PMA
or to become an Affiliate Ambassador
Prosperity Partner!  

  1. Watch the Sept. 10th  Introduction to PMA's webinar recording
  2. Watch the Sept. 12th webinar we did for the Affiliate Ambassador Prosperity Partnership
  3. Become a Level 1 Member for $11 (1x fee) to gain access to the ability to REGISTER as an Affiliate, your Affiliate back-end log in AND to access the ability to purchase a PMA for your business or faith-based organization
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Business owners are welcome too!

Free Consultation

We understand that there’s a lot of information to grasp as you shift your trajectory for your business and also your mind-set of what you’re used to. We also understand it’s a big decision so we’re here to assist.

If you are still needing further information before takeing the step to be a member, we are offering 20 minute phone consultation. Our request though is that you spend the 4 or so hours engaging with the Introduction to PMA’s webinar AND the Affiliate Introduction Webinar (because we answered about 30 minutes of questions on PMA’s in that one) BEFORE you schedule your 20 minute free consultation.

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Introduction Videos to PMA's ~ The "breakthrough" You've prayed about and wished for... Don't Skip This!

Why Re-organizing Your Business To Be a PMA
Is The Smartest Thing "Since Sliced Bread" ! 

Introductory Webinar Oct 12 2021

​Oct. 12th 2021 Webinar Level 1 ​Private Membership Associations As a Game Changer"​This

Sep 12 2021 Webinar: Intro to Our PMA Affiliate Ambassador Prosperity Partnership

Join us, Deborah Pietsch & Scott Bartle as we share the details of

This is Not About Being Anti-Government
It's About Taking Back Your Power,
Being Pro-Sovereign, Our Constitution Being Upheld and So Much More!

Did you ever think you'd witness the days, weeks and months that government would restrict so much of your life and business growth opportunity? You don't have to look far to see it and feel the pain from agendas that are often not for We The People to Thrive and Expand...

It's Time For Change!

Here is a list of JUST A FEW of the WAYS YOU TAKE BACK CONTROL OF YOUR DESTINY by shifting your business or organization to a Private Membership Foundation... 

  • Stay open during Federal, State or County imposed lock-downs
  • Freedom to determine whether employees or customers should wear face masks
  • Freedom to determine whether employees or customers should be vaccinated before they can be served by your association
  • Shift the amount of taxes you pay by legally excluding certain taxes depending on your business type
  • You choose whether to pay employees as W-9 or 1099 employees
  • Move from the public sector into the private sector - complete shift in mind set and jurisdiction of authority

That's JUST the tip of the iceberg!  We will be offering courses and trainings in our Membership Level 2 that will prepare you and assist you in ANY situation. We are building an ARMY of Powerful Sovereign Beings right here and right now!  WE THE PEOPLE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!

  • Then there's permits that you normally have to apply for to make a "footprint change" to your location
  • Educate government officials who still think they have "authority" over you
  • Understand the significant LEGAL PRECEDENCE that you have at your finger tips to back up your specific situations

Musical Inspiration & Reminder Why We Must Take Our Power Back!

Want some inspiration? We included this video here as a reminder of how the USA is leading the world and what people are fighting for. 

Notice the words: "The flag still stands for freedom and they can't take that away" and "I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me".

Here's your opportunity to take back your power.

Our Level 1 Membership is a one time $11   To Access the Ability to Purchase Your PMA Package and Level 2 

Our PMA is WARRIOR OF LIGHT with WE THE PEOPLE PMA POWER "nested" in that PMA. For many years we've been providing spiritual teachings, webinars, experiential tools and retreats at our Mount Shasta retreat center. If any of that interests you, you can learn more at TranscendTheMatrix.com . We are also business owners and media professionals! So we wear many hats probably not unlike you!

As a PMA, in order for YOU to purchase YOUR PMA package from us, you will need to move from the PUBLIC realm of us dealing with you, to our membership realm. This is the same you will need to do in order to properly conduct YOUR PMA.

A Membership fee does not need to be applied. Remember - it's your Tree House Club! There are great and creative ways to have patrons of your business or organization to become members. Your package will include a membership Terms & Conditions template, along with the specific documents which we'll walk you through.

Level 2 Membership is $55/mo with Courses, Trainings, Weekly Webinars & Community Expansion with other PMA Trustees & Business Owners

We have a huge vision of supporting hundreds of thousands of businesses and organizations becoming PMAs. That's going to require a team, trainings, courses AND building a community of like minded, like-hearted PMA founders. That is starting in our Level 2 Membership! Part of the Training is going to be you "DE-PROGRAMMING" from the way we've been training we must conduct business, as well as the magnitude of "Authority" of government rules and regulations we must follow in order to comply. Once we start the weekly webinars (reminder we've launched this Sept 10th in the midst of many other humanitarian projects), you'll learn a lot from each other.

There are Four Types of PMA's
It's Important to Choose the Right One!

Private Membership Associations hold the keys to unlock your authority and sovereignty while significantly returning the power of decision making back to you, as well as PROTECTING you from agendas that many times may not have YOUR BEST INTEREST at heart, financially or otherwise.

Ministry or Faith Based Organization

Enjoys the mandatory taxation exemption via the 508(c)1a described within the IRS code, as well as the protections under the US Constitution. This is a great alternative to a 501(c)3 type organization. It's the most powerful / iron clad of the PMAs as well. An example would be churches, spiritual teachers, faith based coaches and retreat leaders.

Medical or Health

Also known as a Private Health Association. Medical centers, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Energy Healers & Intuitive Lightworkers would be some examples for this type of PMA. This is for private medical services that focus on health & well-being. Public Licenses would be part of what would shift.


Also known as a Private Education Association. Create a private school that steps outside the public system and choose the curriculum you want for your members. Take back control of the day to day experience students have in their educational environment. Private school "POD" and "red school house" are some examples.

Private Membership Association (General) 

Restaurant, bar, gym, nail or hair salon, spa, massage therapist, retail store, security company, Examples include the private drinking clubs in Texas where 'Dry Counties" prohibit serving of alcohol... except within private clubs outside the public jurisdiction. 

When the Governments of the World Can Be Recognized as Enemies of We The People, Drastic Steps of Leadership Must Be Taken By Everyone Who Values Freedom.”

Documentation to rely upon

The United States enjoys the protection of god given rights like no other country in the world. Few can point to their Constitution and amendments like those in the USA. Add in the Declaration of Independence and there's powerful protections against the infringement of people's rights. Case law for over 200 years provides further precedent to rely upon.

Statue Liberty and New York city skyline at sunset

Public vs Private
Shifting your jurisdiction

Understanding the difference between Public & Private is critical to understanding a Private Membership Association. When you think Public, think that everyone out in society can participate, like a Public Park or a Public Road. Compare that to a Private Park or a Private Road.

Think of one of the most famous parks in the world, Central Park in New York. It's public and open to everyone. Compare that to Disney Land - a theme park. Entry to Disney Land is limited to paying participants. Similarly, consider a Public Highway versus a Private Toll Road.

Note: even though all the public can purchase a ticket or pay to drive on a toll road, consider this example to start you thinking about the difference between Public and Private.

Next, think about organizations that only sell to its members. Think Costco or the American Automobile Association (AAA). Whilst they advertise their products publicly, you can't purchase products or benefit from their services unless you are a members. The agreement between the association and its members is what governs the relationship.

What Makes It Real


LEGAL PRECEDENCE: The individual may stand upon his constitutional rights as a citizen. He is entitled to carry on his private business in his own way. His power to contract is unlimited. He owes no duty to the state or to his neighbors to divulge his business, or to open his doors to an investigation, so far as it may tend to criminate him.

Hale v Henkel

 / 1906 Supreme Court


Obligation of Contract: No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.

United States Constitution

/ Article 1, Section X, Clause 1


Declaration of Independence: That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness

Declaration of Independence

/ In Congress, July 4, 1776

Share The Love, Freedom & Sovereignty

Uplevel Your Prosperity

We Are Looking For Leaders!!

We have created a win-win-win prosperous way for you to engage with us via our Affiliate Ambassador Prosperity Partnership Program. We are looking for people that want to be a part of the SOLUTION through this Great Awakening Transition, possibly become Community Leaders and definitely want to increase their own PROSPERITY. The possibilities are endless! We have only just launched this opportunity on September 12th 2021... you have a LOT to be excited about...

Would you like to reach out to people you know, or even companies in your community that you don’t yet know to “ring the bell” of possibilities? We have created a win-win-win prosperous way for you to engage with us via our affiliate partnership. You just need to sign up and attend several trainings to get started.

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We Are Looking For Leaders & People Committed to Prosperity, Freedom & Empowerment from Over-Reaching Government!

Deborah Pietsch & Scott Bartle
Who We Are
Deborah Pietsch & Scott Bartle

Deb and Scott have been "in the trenches" talking individual sovereignty for years. Scott created a documentary about government over reach in Australia in 2012. He's spoken across Australia and helped thousands of people discover the origin of their rights and how to contract properly to create your own law. 

Deb is masterful at lovingly 'kicking your butt' to warrior up and stand in your power. You can have all the skills on paper, but when you are tested, you'll want every ounce of strength and courage to stand your ground. Deb has thousands of hours of coaching and private sessions to draw from. More...

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