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Scott Bartle

Scott Bartle

Scott first started learning about individual sovereignty in 2009 in Australia. He attended classes and immersed himself in learning about validating government authority having seen the over reach of government in Australia.

Scott is particularly fussy when it comes to documentation... during the classes he attended, he started noticing contradictions even in what was being taught by other sovereign leaders. He studied hard and went down many 'rabbit holes' to the point he was asked to lead classes and lectures on rights and sovereignty.

He created a documentary in 2012 titled What The FUQ - Frequently Unanswered Questions of the "Australian Government" - resulting in numerous worldwide interviews and an Australian speaking tour.

Since then, Scott has maintained a website specific to validating Australian "government" authority. This background eminently qualifies Scott to share his knowledge on the fundamental aspects of Private Membership Associations, namely jurisdiction, defending your rights, recognizing public vs private.

Scott is masterful at developing documentation for private administrative processes to acheive a non-judicial outcome. Based on private contract, through offering terms and conditions, leverage can be created without reliance on "courts of law" - which is today's environment may be viewed as ideal.

Deborah Pietsch

Deb Pietsch

Deborah Pietsch is an award winning producer turned cutting-edge spiritual teacher. Her first profound awakening was in 1987 which lead her to try to get conscious media off the ground in Hollywood through the late 80’s and all through the 90’s. She had another profound awakening in 2010 which lead to the deep teachings by God about dark force energies, how to recognize them, clear them and teach people the same. Her telepathic abilities opened up like a tin can after spending several years in almost isolation in Mount Shasta, CA going through unique alchemical transformations for years. This is when she shifted from “just being behind the scenes supporting other healers and seers, to starting the 1000 plus private sessions she’s done since that switch. She’s been out of the public for the last 5 years until earlier this year working behind the scenes laying the foundation for global humanitarian projects.

She is a multi-dimensional Activator, healer, Communicator of Prophetic Word from God, People’s Higher Selves & Beings of Light Guides. She is also a Masterful and powerful Demon Slayer, taught by God how to recognize dark force energies & entities, clear them and teach people how to do the same for themselves. She is absolutely committed to assisting humanity to evolve as Glory of God Beings of Light as We The People Unify & Rise to liberate humanity from the shackles of a demonic and rigged Enslavement Matrix. She has a show called “Warrior Up With Deb to Transcend The Matrix” and she does another show with her hubby, Scott Bartle, the “Restore Humanity Show”.  They have a spiritual retreat center in Mount Shasta, have Spiritual War Bootcamp webinars and experiential tools plus much more to assist people to quickly and profoundly uplevel to their Life’s Purpose and prepare for the coming mega shift and transition of the Great Awakening. Per Deb, “This journey and my work is not for the mamsy pamsy… I assist people with serious and fast transformation… time is of the essence!

Additionally, they have just launched We The People PMA Power, which is a powerful Great Awakening Transition business model. The Private Membership Association model is going to sweep across the U.S. first to give the power back to the people to become Sovereign, Free and Prosperous away from the agenda oriented, over-reaching current government / establishment. We are in uncharted territory, in which people MUST step in as part of the SOLUTION to anchor our God Given Rights, Freedoms and Sovereignty… This new venture is a Suite of Solutions that will powerful assist humanity to do that.

Visit both of their sites and seen what aspects of their spiritual work and / or Great Awakening work you resonate with … there’s a high probability that you’ll get very excited about all the possibilities Deb and Scott have to offer!!!