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We the People Constitution

Benefits of Membership...

As a Private Membership Association we interact with members through a private contract. This contract stipulates the various protections the PMA enjoys.

As a contract, it is a two way agreement. Members agree to keep matters private, not involving any public officers unless there is a clear and present danger of substantive evil.

  • Access: This is a Private Membership Association in action. We don't offer any products to the public... become a member for access to our services.
  • Education: Dive a little deeper into what it takes to create a Private Membership Association. We've got more detailed articles on how to ensure you setup a properly formed PMA.
  • Network: Our first level of membership will feature a chat area to ask questions of us and other members to help you determine the best type of PMA for your circumstances. [Coming Soon]

Membership will provide you further details on the types of pMA:

Ministry or Faith Based Organization

Is tax exemption important to your business model? Learn how to structure your ministry to be exempt from taxes...

Medical or Health

Want to offer medical or health services to members? Learn how to structure your PMA to be independent of other medical associations and their rules. 


Have a message you want to share with members? Want to teach in an environment that is safe and secure? Learn how to structure a PMA for teaching. 

Private Membership Association

Are you a Gym, Nail Salon, Hairdresser? Or another type of business that has been impacted by government mandates? Learn how to structure your business to interact only with private members.

Important Questions Answered

Canada Flag PMA

Can I create a PMA in Canada?

The Charter of Rights in Canada specifically indicates the "Freedom of association" within the Fundamental Freedoms section. Source

Additionally, within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is the protection to associate. Article 20 states: "Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association." Source

Private membership associations in canada  //  Yes

Private Member Association jurisdiction

What about my business / professional license?

A license is "a permission, accorded by a competent authority, conferring the right to do some act which without such authorization would be illegal, or would be a trespass or a tort." Source. However, we know that a homeowner can construct a structure without having a general contractor's license, which is not illegal. Within a Private Member Association, the competent authority becomes the PMA. Relying on a public license in a PMA can be likened to mixing oil and water... they don't mix and in fact can undo the protections of the PMA. This is a topic that needs deeper explanation.

Business licenses  //  Gone

Contract document

Operating Privately - How Do I sell To The Public?

Consider some of the largest businesses out there today... Think Costco. They do not sell to the general public. They have websites that are accessible to the public, but unless you are a member, you can't purchase. Their terms of membership define the relationship private members have with the organization. You can do the same thing.

Private means private  //  Not public

Become a member and Take Your Sovereignty to the Next Level!