Become An Affiliate Ambassador Prosperity Partner

Affiliate Ambassador Prosperity Partnership

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Would you like to:

  • Uplevel your prosperity
  • Reach out to companies and organizations and “ring the bell of possibilities” with PMA’s?
  • Step more into being a Great Awakening Community Leader?
Only members will see the "Become An Affiliate" button. Either login if you are already a member, or become a member first for $11. 
If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then you’re at the right place at the right time.

Introducing our Affiliate Ambassador Prosperity Partnership

We have created a win-win-win prosperous way for you to engage with us via our affiliate partnership.


Step 1 - Apply to become an affiliate

We use a service called Thrive Cart to process our payments and keep track of all purchases. This system also manages all affiliate records tracking, when a referral was made and to whom a commission is payable. Click here to get become a member first.


Step 2 - Create Your Affiliate Account

You will need an account with Thrive Cart if you do not already have one (It's FREE). Thrive Cart will send you an email with your login credentials. (PS: keep track of your login credentials - we can't help reset those as they are managed through Thrive Cart) This is where you will go to manage all your affiliate commissions and the links to promote to others.


Step 3 - Get Approved

Your affiliate registration will need to be approved by one of the Warrior of Light Ministries Trustees. Please read through all the Affiliate Terms and Conditions thoroughly. 

How / When & Where to Move Forward

  1. Once you’re approved, you’ll have access to YOUR unique Affiliate Ambassador Prosperity Partnership Page managed by Thrive Cart
  2. This is where you will get YOUR UNIQUE LINK / URL to add to emails, newsletters [hard copy flyers are coming soon]
  3. Just a reminder - this unique URL is what TRACKS your clients back to you, hence payments
  4. This is where we’ll be adding more design elements, banner ads, branding elements, flyers, webinars, marketing ideas etc.

2 tier Affiliate Partnership
Launch Special

We are offering a 2 tier Affiliate Partnership - that means that you have the opportunity to make a percentage of sales on 2 levels of association to new clients that purchase.

For the first 60 days of our We The People PMA Power launch, this is what we are offering:
Level 1 is at 10% - that is for anyone you personally bring in to our We The People PMA Power suite of solutions.

That person, organization or business now becomes our client and YOUR client. You will be responsible for assisting in the details of that client being taken care of, making sure they follow through with the documentation, and working with us if there are extenuating issues or circumstances

Level 2 Commisions

Level 2 is at 5% - that is for anyone you refer to We The People PMA Power suite of solutions that has their own clients and sphere of outreach. This is our way of honoring you for your relationships and networking. For this level you will be responsible to the client to make sure they are getting the information they need to get started plus access to all of the places they will want to know about AND assisting with marketing and implementation ideas.

Our LAUNCH SPECIAL will last 60 days starting on Friday, September 10th 2021. After the initial 60 day launch special, we will be revising the percentages a tad as we build out our network and Community Leaders.