September 18

Email Sent Sept. 18th Affiliate Partnership Training & Other Updates


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Webinar Training: Affiliate Ambassador Prosperity Partnership


Thank you for your interest in Private Membership Associations! We are so excited to get things rolling with you and all of the business owners that want to become Sovereign!

A few updates in case you didn't see what had posted on the home page of the PMA website! I started utilizing the block on the right side at the top for almost daily updates since we hadn't set up the email system yet! Here are some important updates from the list of things I shared:

  1. We have added payment methods beyond Pay Pal to include a merchant service and Apple Pay.
  2. The Affiliate Ambassador Prosperity Partnership Introduction webinar from Sept. 12th is now available on the homepage of the website
  3. If you're thinking about and / or want to set up a PMA but have questions, schedule a call with us. You can email us at: or you can even use the chat feature that's on the homepage; I give a little more detail about that below.

Just so you know... In full transparency our challenge these past 2 weeks is that we (kind of) unexpectedly decided to move from almost the norther part of the CA border to almost the southern border - it's like moving from NY to FL! Long story short that's been 1 focus with a lot of travel AND we haven't found a place yet! Sunday night we were invited to participate in meeting in LA early Monday morning which led to a total change of our "getting settled plans". We added more major travel and all week we've been in and out of meetings for project funding. I've worked on this project funding for over a decade and Scott since we've known each other almost 8 years! So I wrote an update on the website a few days ago that included the following thought, "when it rains (goodness) it pours"! It's literally pouring rain as I write this, where it rarely has gotten rain in years... funny how God shows up with fun signs!

We want that experience for you too! Prosperity is "pouring" into our field and lives right now! I know it's finally breaking through the strong hold of the dark force energies and many of us are going to experience paradigm shifts. I truly believe that PMAs is a huge part of that paradigm shift... and by you engaging as an Affiliate will open your flood gates! At least that's our intention for you!

We traveled all day yesterday again but I think we are "settled" in one place for the weekend so I'm going to "shoehorn" in a Webinar Training for anyone interested in becoming or already enrolled as a part of our Affiliate Ambassador Prosperity Partnership. Bring your questions and let's dive in!

Since we don't yet have Level 2 Membership set up, which this training will most likely sit behind down the track, I'm going to open it to the public. Another transparency... Scott intended to have Level 2 set up today, but he started a deep dive energetic purging last night and is in no shape to be on the computer right now! We have been going through soooo many energetic >> physical shifts in preparation for all of the transformation happening, it's a bit crazy! I'm grateful and it's made it a little challenging; but we know how huge what we are embarking on is, that all of the personal transformation has been necessary. As we seriously roll out the projects and endeavors like this PMA paradigm shift, many people are going to experience these kind of up-leveling transformations... that's a different subject though!

Okay let's get in to the details of how you can REGISTER for the webinar that's tomorrow..

Webinar Training: Affiliate Ambassador Prosperity PartnershipRegistration Required

When: U.S. Sunday, Sep 19, 2021 3pm PST / 6pm EST AUS: Monday, Sept. 20th @ 8am (Melbourne)

Register in advance for this webinar:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Also, if you have any questions about getting on the webinar, or didn't receive your email after you registered, please email us OR utilize the chat feature located on the website. Scott found this brilliant APP that allows us to chat / text via that feature, which is so much easier than going into the email and respond that way!

Works in progress... the PMA website, Level 2 Membership and even this email look and feel is super duper basic because this is a brand new system - we will make it "pretty" soon! LOL

Looking forward to engaging with you!

Lots of Love and So Much Appreciation!


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