September 26

Email Sent Sept 19th Affiliate Ambassador Prosperity Partnership Training~Lots of Details!


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Just a quick email to keep you in the loop of the conversation regarding the expansion of PMAs. I hope this finds you well... living in the expansion of everything that's going on AND excited about the possibilities that lie ahead... even if you get involved in these PMAs in some way; including getting the word out and creating Prosperity for yourSelf!

I've started utilizing the right side of the top of the home page of the website for UPDATES over the last week. I'll continue to do that for the next couple of weeks... that's an easier methodology for fast updates vs. sending an email like this.

Here is what I added earlier to that section of the website:

We had a great Affiliate Partnership Training Webinar yesterday. These kind of trainings will normally be in the Level 2 Membership BUT..

  1. Because we don't have Level 2 Membership set up AND Affiliate programs are new to many people, we're going to make this Training available to the public for at least 2 weeks, if not for all time.
  2. The recording of the Affiliate Training Webinar is available on the home page of the website as a blog post. Let us know what your thoughts are if you do engage with it.
  3. If you want to become an Affiliate Ambassador Prosperity Partner, you must become a Level 1 Member and THEN you can access the Affiliate Registration. I review that thoroughly in the Affiliate Webinar Training #1 Sept 19th
  4. Level 2 Membership for $55/month will be set up this week.. then we'll begin to live courses and trainings
  5. More details and information on the documents will be added to Level 1 membership this week too.

Here are suggested Action Steps to Get Educated and Begin Engagement ~ either for your own PMA or to become an Affiliate Ambassador Prosperity Partner!
1. Watch the Sept. 10th  Introduction to PMA's webinar recording  
2. Watch the Sept. 12th webinar we did for the Affiliate Ambassador Prosperity Partnership
3. Become a Level 1 Member for $11 (1x fee) to gain access to the ability to REGISTER as an Affiliate, your Affiliate back-end log in AND to access the ability to purchase a PMA for your business or faith-based organization
5. Watch the Affiliate Training Webinar from Sept. 19th
6. Keep in mind we JUST launched all of this about a week ago, in the midst of an expected house / location move AND other major projects starting to move forward… so thank you for your patience as we building this community, courses and trainings! BUT you can get started right now with your own PMA and / or Affiliate marketing

7. Reminder: Please text through the pop up chat! We are responding to those communications (almost) immediately.

BIG REMINDER - Housekeeping - Once you become a Level 1 Member you will have 2 separate LOG INs. PLEASE PLEASE TRACK THESE - we've had several people not log them properly on their end and get "locked out" after trying to log in too many times with the wrong information.

Lots of Love and So Much Appreciation!


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