December 8

Introductory Webinar Oct 12 2021


Oct. 12th 2021 Webinar Level 1
Private Membership Associations As a Game Changer"

This 2 hour webinar with Scott Bartle and Deborah Pietsch go through the ins and outs of considering to set up your Private Membership Association, (PMA). They utilize a power point to share some of the details to consider for making the switch to move away from engaging witht the public vs. inviting your customers, clients and others to become MEMBERS. You will begin to  formulate your decisions so you can make the switch.

When someone chooses to re-organize their business regardless of whether it's medial based, educational, general (like restaurant or massage) or faith based organizaiton, will also more fully anchor their SOVEREIGNTY as an individual.

This brings in to the mix for most people quite a "learning curve" as you shift your "mind set" away from the over-reaching government(s); Federal, State & County to "you are the authority".

We are here to support you through the process and journey of either starting a new company or organization as a Private Membership Association with the documentation and guidance of setting up your bank account.

You will get a lot of questions answered with this October 12th webinar.

If you're seriously considering making the switch, please reach out via the "Chat online" feature and we'll schedule a free consultation with you!

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