September 13

Sep 12 2021 Webinar: Intro to Our PMA Affiliate Ambassador Prosperity Partnership


Join us, Deborah Pietsch & Scott Bartle as we share the details of our newly launching PMA Affiliate Ambassador Prosperity Partnership Program! We are so excited to Activate YOUR prosperity and leadership if you desire that, as we expand and Activate the business owners here and abroad (we are now exploring Australia options) to become Sovereign, Empowered and Prosperous! Join us for this almost 2 hour webinar that goes into the Intro details of how you can quickly and easily prosper as you are also part of the Solution within the Great Awakening Transition!!

Please note: The recording shows some grey or black boxes over the video which we've never encountered in 7 years of using Zoom. This was from the chat window and participants window that should have not have recorded that way. It obscured the screen for participants for some of the webinar. It may of course been some interference too because we're going huge and wide with this win win win game changer!!!

  • Hello Scott and Deb…I have logged into the PMA site and I am wondering if there is additional info on being an affiliate partner?

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I just sent an email with the details about your question without having seen your question! Have you become a Level 1 Member for the $11? That is how you can access becoming an Affiliate partner. I’ll make that more obvious on the home page as well. I review it with screen share as well, in the Affiliate Training webinar that’s now available on the home page. Keep me posted .. Much Appreciation, Deb

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